Spirit of Faith Church

John & Zhepi Roughton

This is their story…

John Roughton met Zhepitoli Zhimomi in the city of Calcutta in 1989 while she was a student in Bible College. He was invited to visit India by a friend he met while in Bible school in America.

After John returned home, they corresponded. And when he returned to Calcutta the following year, they got engaged. They married and settled in John’s home state of Virginia. But after a few years, the Lord began to deal with them about returning to India — especially Zhepi’s home state of Nagaland.

They arrived in Dimapur, Nagaland in 1994 and began ministering as the doors opened. In the fall of the same year, at the Lord’s direction, they started a church.

Spirit of Faith Church began with 8 people in a small rented room. Today, it is a thriving campus that features a 1000 seat auditorium, Bible School, dormitory and other facilities.

John & Zhepi have three children: Victoria (“Tori”), “Little” John, and Ryan. All of them grew up in Nagaland but now reside in America. Tori is an aesthetician. Little John recently graduated with a degree in business from Liberty University and works in sales. Ryan recently graduated from Wave Leadership College and is now enrolled at Regent University.

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