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In depth teaching from the Word of God and anointed ministry make SFBS a unique experience. All classes are taught by seasoned ministers of the gospel, including guest teachers from abroad. Subjects include: Faith, Healing, Prosperity, Authority, in Christ realities, The Holy Spirit, Gifts of the Spirit, and many more.

Academic session for 2025 will be from February 3rd – May 30th.
June 1st
is the Graduation Day.
The total tuition (school fee) is ₹15,000.
This includes room and meals, and can be paid in installments.
If selected, you must pay the non-refundable first installment of ₹3000, which is included in the tuition(school fee) cost.

Students who register before September 1st, 2024 will receive a 10% reduction on their school fees.
Admission closes on January 10th, 2025. After that, a late fee will be imposed on your application.

The security fee is ₹2,000 and will only be refunded after the school is completed.
There will be no reimbursements for students who drop the class.

Admission (arrival) day is January 28th, 2025, 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Student must arrive in Dimapur on this day. For those traveling over longer distances, especially by train, we recommend coming sooner. However, as the dormitory will not be opened until January 28th, students must arrange their own accommodations until the 28th.

2 simple steps to start your enrollment.


Read the Notes First


Fill up the registration.



Check out the details to join SFBS '23:

  1. Download and read the rules (click the button at the bottom of this page)
  2. Submit the application form (also at the end of this page)
  3. The tuition (school fee) will be Rs. 15,000. (not including Rs.200 application fee).
  4. The minimum age is 18 years. We prefer the student have at least a high school diploma.
  5. If the written application is approved, the applicant will be interviewed via zoom by one of our staff.
  6. In addition, we will conduct a phone interview with parents (or in the case of older applicants one of their family members) and the applicant’s pastor.
  7. If the applicant is approved after the interview, he/she will be required to pay an initial non-refundable installment of Rs.3,000. A calling letter will not be issued until this initial payment is received.
  8. The students can pay the fees in installments of Rs. 4000 which should be paid by the 5th of each month. Without payment the student cannot continue in class.
    No student will be allowed to graduate until all fees are paid.
  9. No students will be permitted to appear for tests or outside exams while a student of SFBS.

Please note!

  1. Spirit of Faith Bible School is not a drug/alcohol rehabilitation center. If you are battling substance abuse, we recommend that you search for an alternative ministry. Spirit of Faith Bible School is not a reform school. It is a training center that prepares men and women for Christian service.
  2. Read the application carefully and do not leave any question unanswered. If a question doesn’t apply to you, type N/A. Incomplete forms will not be processed.
  3. Giving false or misleading answers will result in the immediate rejection of your application.
  4. Spirit of Faith Bible School is a four month course. Students will not be granted permission to be absent nor miss any class. Unless you are willing to attend all classes and complete the entire course, do not bother submitting an application for admissions.
  5. All students are required to follow the school rules. Those who disregard school regulations or who rebel against school authority will be dismissed.
  6. All students will live on campus in our dormitory during the school term. Meals are prepared according to normal Indian standards — we do not offer alternative meals or take special orders. If you have special dietary requirements or are uncertain whether you can adjust to the food served on campus, please contact our office.
  7. Applicants must have access to the internet, an email address, and a cell phone. We will contact all applicants by cell phone and conduct an interview online.
  8. All classes are held in person only
  9. If you need any further assistance contact us:
    school@sofi.church   |   Cell : +91 9863031380 | +91 7423802205

Registration Fee!

An amount of ₹200/- will be chargeable for the registration.

If you are on a Cell phone/Mobile, follow these steps to scan.

  1. Take a screenshot of the QR Code
  2. Open your Payment App, and use the QR scanner to scan
    the code from your gallery.
  3.  Send a screenshot of the payment done to 9863031380 (WhatsApp) with your name.

compatible with

1. Download and read the school rules

2. Pay registration fee Rs. 200/-

* Payment will be made to credit of Sangeeta Teronpi. Please note this is a non-refundable fee.

** Please wait a few moments for your payment to be processed. Do not close the payment window

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